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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now on ktvu channel 2 news. >> it appears craigslist has caved in. tonight the site's controversial adult service section is gone. good evening everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm heather holmes. >> in its place, one word that speaks volume, "censored."
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the san francisco-based website pulled its adult ads, which critics say exploits sexual exploitation. debora villalon. >> reporter: halpern we're in the sunset district, headquarters for craigslist and someone posted a sign with the same word "censor," that now appears on the website. the adult ads are gone, but it appears to be a grudging move by a company under fire. >> these prostitution ads enable human trafficking, assaults on women. they are flagrant and rampant. >> reporter: 17 states joined in a letter, urging craigslist to stop offering ads for sex and today, inexplicable, the link to adult services read "censored" instead. no explains from the company, satisfaction from its critics. >> our hope is that other
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sites will learn from craigslist's actions. the message here really is put people above profits. >> reporter: the ads generality about a third of craigslist revenue, $36 million a year, but made pimping and prostituting as easy as the click of a house. bay area congresswoman scheduled a hearing in washington on internet sex committeation. >> when i asked her the question, how many tricks were you required to do a day, she said the minimum was 10 and the maximum was 15. >> craigslist is complicit in it and we need a comprehensive response that just doesn't try to stop one site. >> reporter: those who work in
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the trenches are realistic about what happens without craigslist adult ads and other competing sites will fill the void and many of them will be less accessible to law enforcement than craigslist. >> we will see other sites flourish and also start anew, where there servers might be in bosnia and we can't issue search warrants or subpoena their records. >> reporter: because the problem is larger than craigslist, congresswoman spears plans to go ahead with her hearing and now everyone watches craigslist to see if the change is permanent or perhaps, testing the water. our calls and emails to the company were not returned. reporting live in san francisco, deb era villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. every low-income, african- american resident of antioch who rents a home can now join a discrimination lawsuit against the city. a federal judge has rule the lawsuit accusing antioch police
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of using harassment and arrests to drive african-american renters out of city can go forward as a class-action. the city says the allegations are not true. some 1,000 antioch residents have signed on as plaintiffs. one acre of land stacked with trash is the exact spot where volunteers searched today for a body. as investigators tried to solve a mysterious string of east bay killings. ktvu's ken pritchett reports. >> reporter: truck after truckloaded with garbage passed through the gates the keller canyon landfill in pittsburg and while there was hardly a sign of police, they were beyond our cameras, searching. >> it's very time-consuming. you have to search small areas at one time. >> reporter: hercules police
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spokesman says because of the connection to the north shore business park in hercules, the trash dumpsters are delivered to this landfill. >> the north shore business park is key, because efren valdemoro, the vehicle that he was last seen driving, the cadillac escalade was found in the north shore business park. >> reporter: efren valdemoro was shot dead by the chp tuesday night after a high- speed pursuit. in his car was the body of his girlfriend, cindy tran. police say valdemoro is tied to the death of two other women. their decomposing bodies were found anyway home in vallejo. his alleges string of homicides started with the beating death of ricardo sales, the father of fredrick. >> we continue to search for fredrick. we're federal emergency management agency following-up up on all types of leads. >> reporter: police say the search is similar to what took
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place yesterday from news chopper 2 you can see an excavator at the landfill site. it's a one-acre site, but police say they are excavating one scoop at i time and allowing a cadaver dog and volunteers by happened to search for any clues. >> some type of material could have been dumped in one of the dumpsters that were brought to this facility on monday, i believe. >> reporter: herculez police say there are at least 25 officers and volunteers involved in the search. their plan was to wrap up at 7:00 and come back early tomorrow morning in a search that could take a week or month. in pittsburg, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man in the city's sunnydale housing project. the 37-year-old victim was found at about 8:30 on the 15078 block of brookdale avenue. he died a short time later at san francisco general hospital. no arrests have been made in the case and police have not
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yet determine a motive. meantime oakland police are trying to uncover what led to a drive-by shooting that killed one person and injured another. it happened shortly after midnight near 85th avenue and international boulevard. police say 38-year-old latasha carter and an unidentify man were leaving a party when someone pulled up next to their car and opened fire. carter was taken to the hospital, where she died. we don't know the extent of man's injuries. a $15,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the case. ntsb investigators say the engines of a small plane that crashed into a redwood city lagoon were intact before impact. the beech 65 queen air was hauled away from the lagoon and transported to sacramento for further inspection. ntsb investigators said today that the plane reached an altitude of 650-feet before it went no a steep descent thursday afternoon. the crash killed three people,
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47-year-old adelina urbina- suarez and two men found sitting in front of the plane. 73-year-old wyoming heinicke of san francisco and a 91-year-old founder of borrmann steel in east palo alto, robert borrmann. >> a pilot or person could fly it from either seat. so at this point we have no idea who was flying the aircraft. >> a full report on the cause of the crash won't be done for another six to nine months. thousands of christian activists rallied in sacramento today to protest same-sex marriage, pornography and abortion. the 12-hour session of prayer and fasting was organized by the group called "the call to conscience," and one of several such events scheduled for around the nation. those on-hand say they want change. >> america has lost its way, because they have let loose on the things that they believe to be true based on feelings and
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god is not about a feel. >> our schools don't oppose the word of god. our congress doesn't oppose the word of god and in the consequence of that we have a lot of confusion in the country. >> organizers wanted to highlight what they say are immoral laws being passed out the capitol. out-of-state oil billiar brothers are the latest to throw their money behind proposition 23, which would suspend california's landmark global warming law. david and charles koch's firm donated $1 million to the campaign, saying that the law will cause job losses and higher energy costs. california's global warming law is aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels in the next deck yesterday. proposition 23 on the november ballot would roll back that legislation until the unemployment rate stays at or below 5.5% for a year. a great white shark was spotted feeding off the bay and
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thursday's sighting was the second in the area. a great white was seen feeding on a sea lion in pacifica on tuesday. satellite wildlife officials say great white sightings have sparked along the california coast. last month a man fishing said a great white flipped him over and chewed on his kayak before swimming away. a gun buyback was aimed at making the streets safer and remembering the life of council member matt garcia it's the second year for the gun buyback and a steady stream of people turned in weapons. matt garcia was shot to death in a case of mistaken identity and his family wants to do away with rifles, shotguns and handguns. >> i was coming home from dove- hunting in sacramento and i leader on the radio and i said this is it. that gun is gone. on monday a judge sentenced
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the man accused of shooting the garcia to a 30-year to live state prison. >> once a hurricane and now a tropical storm, earl is in canada after it skipped the new england coast where residents were preparing for a direct hit. jennifer davis reports. >> reporter: the east coast braced for a blowout, but earl just blew on by. cape cod woke up tie gorgeous day and now it's time to get back to business as unusual. earl weakening from a mighty hurricane to a tropical storm, still bringing with it plenty of wind and waves, but not nearly enough to bother weather- warned new englanders used to rougher weather. >> it's okay. >> reporter: did you notice it? >> not really. there were thunderstorms worse than that. >> reporter: signs came down in preparation for what could have been a serious blast with hurricane-force wind and rain burb those same signs are going back up and business owners hope it could be an economic viable labor day weekend. >> this was a nothing storm,
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as you might think. we have regular windy days here that are 50 miles per hour winds, southwesterly, not northeasterly, but this was a real bust. >> reporter: massachusetts suffered a few hundred power outages and flooding in low laying areas, but no major damage reports. what is now tropical storm earl, leaves blue skies in its wake. what do you think about this storm? >> it's a dawd. >> reporter: earl finally made landfall in novia scotta, but here, people are back to enjoying their lakewood. jennifer davis, fox news. firefighters beat back a grass fire along the busy 405 freeway this evening. helicopters dropped on the flames while 130 firefighters battled the blaze on the ground. labr's bellaire estates neighborhood, and the fire was contained by 7:30. no one was injured and no buildings were damaged. we'll tell you how the
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economy is affecting holiday travel this labor day weekend. that story is coming up. a dream may come true after a generous donation to the family of a man beaten to death in oakland. stolen and then found, the unexpected call the peninsula
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. labor day weekend it is is full swing and some bay area residents decided to stay put. if they did travel anywhere, it was close by, since they say they are keep earnings guidance close eye on this cash. ktvu's christien catchon reports. >> reporter: for many, labor day weekend is that last weekend to get away from it all, just as the school year begins. the campgrounds at samuel p- taylor park in marin county have been booked for months. for the aghazi family, the trip out to the east bay made a lot of financial sense. >> for the whole weekend i think it was over $tenth. so note too bad. >> reporter: aaa is predicting 34.5 million people will travel 50 mile or more this holiday weekend, up 10% from last years abysmal numbers it shows while more people are traveling, they are sticking closer to home. an indication that familiars are still keeping a close eye
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on their money. the sights and sound of the last days of summer were on display at the sausalito saratoga festival. organizers expect 32,000 visitors. many like the carrascos from here in the bayer. >> with the economy, a couple of years ago we went camping. so this year, something local, something fun. >> reporter: there were those bucking the trend. this family is visiting from houston, texas. they see signs of a strengthening economy and had planned to go to martha's vineyard, but when hurricane earl hit they are changed their plans to head out west and spend a little money at the sausalito arts festival. >> we spend, $3,000, $4,000. triple-a says more than 90% of travelers are heading out in automobiles and that may have to do with the fact that gasoline prices are down, while airfares are up 9% over this time last year.
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in sausalito, critical yin critical yin kaston, - crist yin kaston, ktvu news. president says said the economic health of the nation depends on the success of the middle-class, a group he says has been hurt hard bit recession. >> this labor day, we should recommitment ourselves to our time-honored values and to this fundamental truth, to heal our economies we need more than a healthy stock market. we need bustling main streets and a growing, thriving middle- class. >> mr. obama went on to say that the united states became the most prosperous country in the world by rewarding hard work and responsibility, rather than greed and recklessness. asian-american athletes were celebrated in oakland's jack london square.
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they honored olympic gold medalist kristi yamaguchi and oakland a's catcher, kurt suzuki and presented a check to a man fatally beaten in downtown oakland in april. >> mr. yu had great expectation for his son to be a doctor and we want to be able to contribute to that and hope that $75,000 would help contribute to his education fund to become a doctor some day. >> now both of yu's alleged attackers were identified from a surveillance video with the help of community. both of them have been charged with murder. the decision to kill a mountain lion roaming downtown berkeley is stirring controversy. a memorial critical of the shooting has been played on shattack avenue and cedar street. fish and wildlife wardens and
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police decided it was necessary to kill the lion to protect the public. some people are questioning that decision. >> they could have sedated it. there is reality television out there everywhere showing people how to be at one with nature. >> police officers and wardens say they do not carry tranquilizers, calling them unreliable in emergency situations. for instance, a mountain lion run through a populated area. after six yearses of silence, the hillbarn theater bell is ringing again in forest city. just yesterday someone called to say that they saw it at a scrap metal shop in san leandro. the bell was returned and will be placed back in the courtyard, where it will be rung to signal to theater-goers that performances are beginning. well the piece of equipment believed responsible for that massive gulf oil spill was lifted out of water after a 29-
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hour journey to the surface. the 300-ton blowout preventer was transferred to a barge, which will take it to louisiana for examination by federal investigators. it's thought that the device failed to close, allowing methane gas to rush to the surface, causing the explosion that killed 11 workers unleashed millions of gallons of oil back on april 20th. new york city fire officials plan tomorrow to collect stability of a sanitation pier that was the scene of a fire. three firefighters were injured battling the blaze on pier 57. firefighters? scuba gear worked in the water to prevent damage to the wooden pilings supporting that pier. firefighters were able to extinct the flames before they jumped to another pier containing natural gas pipelines. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. first-round of middle east
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peace talk has wrapped up in washington and expected to resume in about two weeks. israeli and palestinian leaders met mett face-to-face for the first time in two years. s as rhianna nina reports. >> reporter: it's the first time in two years direct talks have taken place. ahead of these talks there was really very little optimism on the ground that it would lead to an agreement. main issue of concern for the israelis will be security. they may be more willing to make concessions on jerusalem and landownership if security can be guaranteed. this past week, four israelis, include a pregnant woman were gunned down and killed in the west bank bay bihamas militants. hamas is interested in seeing those talk goes nowhere. as for the palestinian
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authority represented by palestinian president, they would like to see solidarity. cannot leaders make hard decisions that find a way to sell to their people? the next meeting takes place september 14-is ath in egypt. for there to be substantive progress on the peace talks they need to remain out of media spotlight. in jerusalem, reena ninan, fox news. the notorious security firm in trouble again. the new accusations that it now faces. captured in an ambush and freed by marines. the life-long lesson,
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. remember jessica lynch, the u.s. army private captured and rescued three days after the u.s. invaded iraq? one of the other u.s. army personnel who was ambushed and captured with lynch told his story tonight tonight in san francisco. former army specialist joseph hudson was a 23-year-old mechanic when the truck that he and lynch and fellow soldiers was am, butted by iraqi soldiers near the city of naseriyah. they were hold for 21 days before u.s. marines rescued them on april 13th, 2003. >> since april 13nd, 2003, i haven't had one single bad day in my life. when your freedom is stripped,
11:56 pm
tape by force and you regain your freedom back, you learn how to appreciate it a lot more . what an amazing story. here is video of hudson the day he and his fellow soldiers were freedom. he is the one in the back on the left in the camouflage jacket waving at the camera. >> a top u.s. senator has reportedly asked the juxtice department to investigation if the private security firm blackwater deliberately misled the government to get luck lucrative contracts. >> a senator investigation discovered that blackwater formed dozens of shell companies with different names that got at least three contacts with the cia and the u.s. military. they came under fire after its operatives killed 17 civilians in baghdad. that led to the company losing its contract to provide security there. in news of the world north america afghanistan a bomb attached tie motorbike killed
11:57 pm
at least seven people, including four police officers. a the blast occurred in a northern afghan province that has been the recent target of taliban militant. a u.s. convoy was targeted, killing at least three people and injuring a dozen more. in new zealand, there is a curfew in earthquake-rocked city of christchurch. inspectors say at least 120 droughn buildings were damaged in yesterday's 7.0 earthquake. roads are cracked or covered with debris and let's ritz, gas and water service are disrupt. >> there is also concern that the sigh cey's saursystem is broken. two people were reported injured during the earthquake. in france, tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the interests in paris and other cities to protest the government's order, deporting
11:58 pm
undocumented romanian and bulgarian immigrants. the un and european commission have condemned the he deportation and french human rights advocates say blaming and punishing an entire group is racist. the san francisco health department reports progress in balloting sexually-transmitted diseases. officials say the number of new hiv infections fell by almost 46% between 2005 and 2009. cases though of gonorrhea also declined. they were down 25%, but the news isn't all good. syphilis and chlamydia infections rose. straight ahead, power to the people. a bay area city is trying out a unique program to fight crime. why critics say it could be a costly mistake. >> a big week for the 49ers and the most important action
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our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online.
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. san francisco police are trying out a million-dollar pilot program to put civilians on police assignments. george gascon says it will enable sworn officers to focus on more serious crimes while saving money. as claudia cowan reports, critics worry if the civilian officers make mistakes, petty criminals could get off the hook. >> reporter: 15 civilian cops are hired to do the work of regular officers but without badges or guns and at a lower salary. >> this is not only about cost reduction, but also about improvement in the quality of service and improving the quality of investigations. >> reporter: police chief george gascon wants to replicate a program he
12:02 am
pioneered in mesa, arizona. first past year 11 civilianives have handled calls, such as burglary, credit card fraud and car flet, freeing up regular cops to focus on more serious crimes and offenders. their work has helped to cut response times and nabbed 41 suspected criminals, but the head of san francisco's police union worries about evidence collected by civilian cops holding up in court. >> you have chain of custody issues. you have issues where they are collecting data evidence, dna, dusting for prints. are they going to see these investigations through? are they going to turn them over to another investigation? are civilians going to stick around in this job, as most of us made a 30-year commitment to this job? >> reporter: they said civilian cops shouldn't work certain cases, but with the right training could help folks and save taxpayer money. >> when you add that together with the salaried police officer, this is roughly half of the cost and in those tough budget time it's worth looking
12:03 am
at this. >> reporter: while overall crime is down in san francisco this year, officers have had to respond to more than 3,000 burglarys. chief gascon is hopeful that that number will drop and other crimes will be resolved faster once civilianives are on the case, starting in january. in san francisco, claudia cow yank fox news. the city council of bell, california, voted unanimously to subpoena the records of its former city manager. the council also voted to consider legal action, not only dependence the former manager, but also against the former police chief and former assistant city manager, who also made huge salarys. in addition, four of the five council members were each paid almost $100,000. they have since slash their compensation. no one has been charged in the matter. california national guard involvements have started border patrol duties near california as part of the
12:04 am
operation copper cactus. about 300 california guard members are supporting the u.s. uks and border prol. they are armed, but the guards say that is only for self- protection. >> this is a very unique mission in that we're able to defend and secure our borders on american soil. so it's very proud mission that the national guard is happy to be out here serving. >> the guard members are expected to stay at board forabout a year. national guard officials say this group isn't the only one helping along the border. 900 other national guard members on patrol in arizona, new mexico and texas. students at the northern california school district have won another round in court over drug testing. a state appeals court this week unanimously rule the that shasta county school district's plan to randomly drug test participants participating in extracurricular activities would violate their right to privacy.
12:05 am
those activities includele such thing as cheerleading and dance. the district argued that the that the testing could discourage drugs. courtney howard says she endured a month of beatings by our sorority sisters in 2008. 20-year-old transferred to the university of california and says she was threatened with even more violence when she tried to leave the house. sigma gamma rho has been suspended from campus until 2016. san francisco transit riders now have a few more options now that muni restored 60% of the cuts made back in may. it includes weekend nights and service. the union had asked the state to block today's service
12:06 am
restoration plans saying management hasn't consulted the driving. muni says increased efficiency and extra funding from the county and other agency maze the restorations possible. san francisco 49ers are gearing up for not one, but two new season. one begins a week fromtome on the field against the seahawks and the other gyps this weeking, at the sanya clara planning commission. 9ers are asking the commission to approve zoning changes and the architectural design that will enable the team to build a new stadium next to great america. critics say the stadium is too big for the proposed site and the owner of the site is suing saying that the environmental impact review violates state law. a local hero comes home. how a basketball provides a much-needed lifeline forú
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. temperatures have been cooling off across the bay area over the past couple of the days, but that will soon be changing, especially as we head into the labor day forecast. right now we have password skies, mostly clear skies over a good portion of the region. he have been watching this cloud bank to the san mateo coastline. it's been decreasing in coverage and it's mixing up the low cloud and fog and as a result we have mostly clear skies owe a good portion of the region. but still a few patches 6 fog moving into the pay. as far as temperatures toe, most areas on average cooled off 4-8 degrees from yesterday's reads. can see the range from 60 in pacifica, oakland topped out
12:10 am
around 70 and still lower 90s towards fairground, antioch and livermore. your weather story, patchy fog overnight. primarily coastside. tomorrow, clearing skies for your sunday and temperatures will be warming up for your labor day. temperatures from the 60s for the coast and 70s around the bay and temperatures inland in the upper 80s to right around 90 degrees. the key thing tomorrow, warming up coastside, but nymph spots will will be a little cooler compared to today's readings. this will gradually scoot out of town. tomorrow, patchy morning fog, clearing skies and the range from 62-89 degrees. look at change into labor day. high pressure returns and that will setup the offshore flow. as a result the fog goes away and temperatures warm up. mostly sunny skies for monday. eventualuality temperature range monday 70-94 degrees. here is the plan for tomorrow morning, partly sunny skies and patchy fog, 52-57 degrees. here is the expected fog
12:11 am
coverage first thing tomorrow morning. mostly patchy in nature, breaks in the clouds and then into the afternoon hours. more sunshine. temperatures warming up inland. there is the eventual range from the 60s to the beachs. inland,80s and 70 for the sausalito art festival. oakland tops out at 73 and antioch in the upper 80s. san josi, lower 80s. these temperatures checking in around 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. san francisco, 68 degrees. monday, the sunshine, temperatures peaking on monday. look at this big time cooling trend into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. in fact, by wednesday, heather and mike, warmest locations struggling to reach the mid- 70s. so if you want to enjoy the warm days, make the most out of your bay area days. should be beautiful. >> it's september. >> it's that time of year. >> thank you, mark. oakland children learned
12:12 am
life lessons on the basketball. it was part of the leon powe basketball camp. the community group, trim threat academy hosted the events a way to raise money for powe's non-profit, fresh start family services, helping children from forest home. >> the basketball camp costs $25 a day and is open tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. coming up next, a classic double south as the giants tried to keep pace in the races. we have cal and we have stanford and even san josi state as the spartans battled the best
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. >> good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. if you are a baseball fan you hopeior team is playing meaningful games in the month of september. if you are a giant's fingerprint and your team can pull off a key win against the dodger, it's that much pert. things didn't luck look good for the giants for most of the game in l.a. gibbons with one over the fence with two on. then the long ball erupted for san francisco. it's 4-1. >> it's outta here! >> in the 8th, edgar renteria led the inning.
12:16 am
it's fair. 4-2. no.13 for burrell. juan uribe with a runner on. >> he hits it hard! he hits it deep! outta here! >> thetwo-runn humor by uribe was the 16th of the year. he is mobbed for good reason byes had teammates when he reaches the dugouts. giants win 5-4 and continue to pick up ground on the nl west race. that because the division- leading padres continue to lose. colorado leading 4-2 this afternoon in san diego in the 8th. carlos gonzalez drills one. two runs come home and colorado wins 6-2. giants just two back from san diego, which has lost nine in a row. the giants stay flee back in the wild-card. the a's are playing just fine these days, as long as the opponent isn't the new york yankees. oakland going for two in a row against the angel and getting
12:17 am
off to a good start off jared weave in the first inning. cust with the single and torii hunter's throw offline. it's 1-0, a's. ellis with the line drift back to the middle and to the 50- yard line. kevin kouzmanoff scores. trevor cahill didn't allow a run in his work. three relievers helped cahill win the job and cahillproofs to 16-6. the a's eight games back of division-leading texas. awesome three bay area college football teams played season opening games today with results that were protectable. jim harbaugh and stanford heavy favored over sacramento state. it's a foot race to the end zone. baldwin completes the 81-yard play and luck with a career-
12:18 am
high four touchdown passes. the hornets didn't have too many, but this one. that is a 70-yard return. 14-7, but didn't take longtor stanford to regain the momentum. still in the first quarter. luck finds stephan taylor out of the backfield request the screen pass. taylor goes 59 yards to the end zone. 21-7, after just a quarter. the cardinals added with a 17- point second quarter. zach ertz with his second career reception and first collegiate touchdown. it was luck to baldwin. in addition, to the four scores, luck threw for 316 yards without apinterception. he gave way to loukas in the third quarter. things get considerably tougher for the cardinals next saturday, opening up pac-10
12:19 am
play at ucla. cal was expected to be equally successful in its opener against uc davis and disappoint. watch the new faces making their debuts for the bears today. kevin riley and shane vereen are now cal veterans and combine to put the first points on the board. cal bench in celebratory mode. riley to jones and cal offense got on track with 28 points in the quarter. true freshman keenan allen is a long way from home. he is from greensboro, north carolina. it turns no an 18-yard touchdown run. 21-0 bears. vereen in the end zone three times. twice he ran in from 7 yards out. it was 35-0, cal at halftime. and then early in the third quarter, the bears gave overnights something to think about all subpoena. allen gets a chance to show his
12:20 am
open-field moves after taking a short swing pass. that is a 48-yard play and he maybes it to the end zone. riley throws three touchdown passes and cal wins 52-3 and hosts colorado next saturday. the freshman allen certainly made his collegiate debut memorable. >> i have been waiting for this day or a long time. it was great. he can do almost anything. >> he is a great athlete. the body control unhis hands are excellent, and he is a strong runner, you know? for a guy that big in the open field, he can make people miss. and that is a great combination. >> a money game for san josi state in its opener as the spartans aimed eye. defending national champion alabama in tuscaloosa. that is heading right into the fire for new coach mike macintyre. mac elroy14-3 and heisman
12:21 am
trophy winner ingram didn't play. richardson burst through with 39 yards and a score. still in the second quarter, analyst j. mccarron throws to julio jones,making the catch with one hand. it's tough enough to take on the, but when the players make plays like this, you know you are in for a long afternoon. the spartans next week are at wisconsin. well, if you can judge by week 1, watch out for oregon in this years pac-10 race. kenjon barner races off. partner had five touchdowns. oregon put up 72 points. lobos got nothing. 18th-ranked north carolina missing 18 players because of the ncaa investigation.
12:22 am
this 87-yarder for a score off tigers managed to hang on, and the investigation against the players centers are dealings with agents and academic violations. no. 5 texas wins the lonestar battle with rice. oregon state comes up short sense sixth-ranked truk. nebraska rolls over western kentucky and no. 9 iowa handles eastern illinois. still more to come on sportswrap. some surprises as the nfl rosters were trimmed to 53. we'll tell you about that when we come balk back and tiger woodses among the golfers
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. >> the first week of play just about completed in the u.s. open tennis championship. novak djokovic was the third seed and in the near court made quick work ever james blake. djokovic will win this point with a big cross-court shot. he won in straight shots 6-1, 7- 6 and 6-3. >> and match point, blake will hit a return out wide. second-seed roger federer also a winner, along with top-seed caroline wozniaki for the women. well weekend 2 of golf's fedex cup continues in massachusetts, where they play the deutsche bank championship. andres romero in a group of eleven players, awesome four strokes off the lead. rome years round is greatly enhanced when he does this. this is an ace. the top 75 advance into next week's bmw championship.
12:27 am
tiger woods is the defending champion of that one. right now he is no. 65 in the standings. woods in seven strokes he back. two players tied for the lead. one of them brandt snedeker, shot a 7 under 64. he is tied at the top with jason day. day in the toll grass around the 18-hole. day is a couple of inches away from an eagle. this tournament wraps up on monday. considered a good sign that raiders head coach tom cable called this year's cuts the most difficult in his team. the most anotherworthy was defensive end richardson. he was never really the same after knee surgery. richardson was the fifth round daft pick out of ohio state in 2007. disc of being the biggest cut
12:28 am
in the lead has to go to the cardinal's matt leinart. he was expected to be the quarterback and never really
12:29 am
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